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Case studies - PANRICO

Contents are based on the information in May 2007.

MASDAC Sandwich Pancake Machine Delivered

PANRICO (headquartered in Barcelona, Spain) is one of the leading manufacturers of bread, confectionaries and donuts in Spain, with plants also in Greece and Portugal.

Featuring bread loaves, Danish sweetbreads, and donuts, the PANRICO product line is sold at a cross-section of venues from hypermarkets and supermarkets to mom and pop shops, coffee shops and hotel restaurants. Capitalizing on its unique distribution network, PANRICO’s success comes from its ability to deliver freshly baked products straight from the oven.

PANRICO donuts are extremely popular, thanks to the homemade taste that comes from a light and fluffy donut topped with a crunchy chocolate or glazed coating. They have proven so popular that the company currently produces two million donuts a day in a wide assortment of sizes, flavors, and coatings. In addition to the retail packages containing two, three, four, five, six, and twelve donuts, PANRICO also markets corporate boxes to its coffee shop and hotel clients.

Looking to expand their lineup of breads, sweetbreads, and donuts, PANRICO had been researching potential new product items. The sandwich pancake featured at the MASDAC booth at iba 2003 (in Düsseldorf) aroused their interest. The positive response to the initial marketing campaign paved the way in September 2006 for the company to introduce a Sandwich Pancake Machine with a 6,000-pancake-an-hour capacity. Immediately after introducing this new product to existing clients, PANRICO had the sandwich pancake production line up and running at top capacity. To handle demand, a second Sandwich Pancake Machine was introduced in February 2007, and the company is currently running two machines at top capacity and plans to introduce a third machine in autumn of this year.

The sandwich shell is made from an innovative variation on the standard European pancake, filled with chocolate cream, and branded on one side with the product logo and name, BOLLYCAO dokyo. The two- and four-sandwich sets packaged in pillow packs are the best-selling items in this line, with the four pancake bags selling at supermarkets for 2.1 Euro (about 340 yen). At normal temperatures, the sandwich pancakes will keep four weeks (BOLLYCAO dokyo sandwich pancakes contain no deoxidizing agents).

European television features many Japanese animated series, including the Doraemon series, which now airs in Spain on Sundays. Capitalizing on the popularity of anime, the advertising campaign for BOLLYCAO dokyo includes ad space during Doraemon commercial breaks. Through this campaign, Spanish children have become familiar with both the product name BOLLYCAO dokyo and dorayaki, the Japanese word for sandwich pancakes.

An established custom in Spain, children bring snacks with them to school to eat during recess. PANRICO’s goal is to make BOLLYCAO dokyo a must-have snack for these schoolchildren.

PANRICO plant in Madrid
A supermarket sweets aisle featuring PANRICO donut products.
Two Sandwich Pancake Machines at PANRICO plant. Production and assembly have been efficiently rationalized with dough and filling both supplied automatically to the machines through a pump.
BOLLYCAO dokyo chocolate cream-filled sandwiches in packaging designed to evoke the images of the Japanese flag and samurai. BOLLYCAO is a PANRICO brand product line name.
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