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There is much room in this world for even better cakes.

MASDAC cake machines on the world stage!

We establish planning and production teams to design, manufacture and/or modify products according to client requests. Each of our engineers has years of experience and skill, a thorough knowledge of research at the leading-edge of machine design and technology, and a deep understanding of production facilities, allowing them to provide top-notch advice and the best technical guidance. To determine the needs of individual customers, our engineers carry out site surveys and place a high level of importance on communicating with clients. They will consider how to make production and maintenance simpler, and meet many times with the client on design, installation and fine-tuning.

Sandwich Pancake

A word from MASDAC INTERNATIONAL B. V.- "Deliciousness on a global scale"

MASDAC's mission is to support those companies who wish to produce and sell cake products to deliver a small slice of happiness to people throughout the world. To make this mission a reality at a global level, we have established MASDAC INTERNATIONAL B.V. in Amsterdam. Through this office, we are making the most of Europe's multicultural heritage as a base for expanding a sub-distributor network throughout Europe and to Oceania, the US and the Middle East. The MASDAC brand is steadily branching out into global markets.


If you are interested in purchasing our products or wish to request product quotations,please contact:

Kabelweg 37

1014 BA Amsterdam The Netherlands



Bringing the power of cakes to Asia

China's cake industry, much like its economy, is now undergoing a revolutionary period of change. With large amounts of money available for investment, there have been a large number of startups in the business. To realize our goal of delivering delicious cakes throughout China, we have established a stable production line in the country, providing our extensive know-how on ingredients, production and quality management. In other Asian countries such as Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, we have also developed a great measure of trust by providing detailed information and guidance in such areas as handling ingredients and production. By focusing our efforts not just on providing the necessary machinery but by also meeting our customers, other needs, we are striving to develop the Asian cake market together with our counterparts


Technology partnerships based on recognition of our skills

MASDAC has developed a network of industry colleagues in overseas markets for business and technological collaboration and information on foreign cake products. One example of such a tie-up is our relationship with Germany's DUBOR, for which we hold the license to produce the oil spraying machine in Japan. When we find good machines and equipment in foreign markets, we introduce them into Japan.

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