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Message of Chief Executive Officer & President Fumiharu Masuda

People say that the 21st century is the century of respect for the human being. People have relationships with each other, and it seems to me that making those relationships work smoothly is one of the roles of confectionery. When people eat sweets, their faces break into a smile. Another role of confectionery is to make people feel relief. Our hope is to help make the world a place where everybody can enjoy confectionery and live in happiness.


MASDAC was founded in 1957, and since then our growth as a machinery maker has followed the development of the Japanese and Western confectionery industry in Japan. Our goal now is to become the world’s foremost specialist manufacturer of Japanese and Western confectionery ovens, depositing and forming machines, and pancake sandwich baking machines. There are expectations, as well, that we will function as a comprehensive machinery manufacturer that collaborates with other, related machinery manufacturers to build our own company’s production line for Japanese and Western confectionery. We established a manufacturing company in the Netherlands in 2009, and we have begun an initiative to reassess designs and costs from a global perspective so that we can provide appropriately priced machines with functions and designs suited to local conditions not only for our customers in Japan, but also for our customers in Europe and the United States as well as in China and the rest of Asia.


Meanwhile, the food product manufacturing division we started in 1974 led to the construction in 2004 of a food product plant to our own uncompromising standards in order to provide a sense of safety and security. In 2007, we expanded the plant to twice its size, devoting it entirely to producing confectionery that requires our own proprietary technology. In this way, we are delivering safe, delicious confectionery at a reasonable cost to our partners in the confectionery industry, in addition to making available our knowhow in the construction and operation of confectionery plants.


We have been operating the machinery and food product businesses of MASDAC Co., Ltd. in this way so that together they will generate an effective synergy. Pursuing our motto of “New taste with new ways,” we hope to be of service to members of the confectionery industry throughout the world.


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